Before contacting us, please read these FAQ's because it may answer your questions. We get a lot of inquiries and may not be able to get back with you quickly. There is a great chance that you may get your answer here.


Q: What set's your advertising company from the rest?

A: We offer low budget advertising campaigns that continually reach out to millions of real live users. Our staff of professionals search for interested prospects that seek out what you have to offer. Plus we offer a high-resolution promotional video that can be catered to your business which can skyrocket sales. See the "HOME" page video. 


Q: What do I do when I subscribe?

A: Select a campaign level that best fits your budget and subscribe to it. You then will be directed to our "Submission page" where you will sign in, write out the ad and submit. It's as easy as that.


Q: How will I know that the ad I wrote, will be sent out?

A: You will receive an email from our system that the ad was sent.


Q: Do I have to write an ad everyday?

A: No. Depending on the selected campaign, the original ad will be sent out everyday and you will receive an email everyday that it was sent. As a subscribed member, you can login and submit another ad.


Q: Where do you get the email lists from?

A: A variety of sources. Business associates, corporate contacts, automotive personnel,     national/international business contacts,  and many other fresh sources. But remember, we use our system to send out mass emails without spamming. 


Q: On Campaign 6, it says 2 million emails and 34 million classifieds. Is that true? It seems impossible! 

A: Yes, it's true! Keep in mind that our staff continually searches for the best places to advertise at the best price. Campaign 6 is a special deal where it is done once a month to keep your ad fresh in front of all the people who view it. The Internet is a big place and we want your ad to be fresh content. We try to avoid clutter.


Q: I have a website that I just started. Do you guarantee traffic?

A: We guarantee to push you ad according to your campaign level. We don't monitor anyone's website. 


Q: When I subscribe, am I under a contract?

A: No. Once you subscribe to any campaign level, you can go to your and request to unsubscribe from there.


Q: Why do I have to go to to unsubscribe?

A: We give you the full authority to remove yourself from the campaign through


Q: I have affiliated with many websites. Can you help me with these?

A: Yes. Please make sure that you type the correct URL address to ensure click ability. Copy and paste your URL in the "Ad Submission" form.


Q: I want to change my original ad. Can I change it? For example, I decided that I want to promote a different website. What do I do?

A: Easy. Just login and write another ad. Remember, when you subscribe to any level, you can change, modify or add to the advertisement at anytime.


Q: When I change my original ad and submit, does it change right away?

A: Your new revised ad will be in queue in the next 24 hours and not before. If you decide not to change your message, we will send your recent message continually until you login and change it (depending on your campaign level). 


Q: I want to test out your program. What level do you think I should start out with?

A: Write down an ad. Then, as a starter point, select "Campaign Level 1". This will help you understand the level your business may need.


Q: Can I upgrade from level to level? 

A: Yes. First unsubscribe from the level you were in, then subscribe to the next desired level.


Q: How soon will my ad be sent out once I subscribe?

A: Depending on the Campaigne Level, usually within the next 24 hours. Then, once every 24 hours or so after that. You can change your ad anytime after you sign up.


Q: On Campaigne Level 6, How often do you sent out the ad and when?

A: This level is a high capacity level so; your first submission should be within 24 to 48 hours. Then once every 30 days continuosly. the reason this level is different is because we have staff members that do this manually and it takes a little more time.


Q: I have my own list of emails in my library. Can I invest in this website as my own?

A: Yes. If you wish for us to design a website like this and have us host it, then we would like to create one for you. The video is not included unless requested. Remember to follow FCC legal anti-spamming laws. If you have a program that sends out the message to your list, just contact us.


Q: I forgot my password. Do I have to subscribe again?

A: No. You can reset your password at anytime.


Q: I like your video commercial. I would like to promote my business with this type of HD graphics. Is this possible for me to own a video like this?

A: Yes! The video is owned by Solutions Direct and U.S. Publications. However, our team of engineers can re-design a high resolution video like this but with your business logo and promotional graphics. Our engineers are the best at what they do. 


Q: How much does it cost and how long does it take?

A: We cannot answer that here because we would need more information involving your business. 


Q: I'm interested, but I don't know how to start this video process. Can you help me?

A: Of course! Just CLICK HERE! and let's see what we can do for you.