Campaign Levels

Select any level below that best fits your campaign budget. With any level, you will receive a daily email confirmation that your ad was sent out. You only need to write the ad once. Our system will automatically push your ad daily as long as you are a member. Need to change your ad? No problem, just login to your campaign account and submit another ad.  
 Ad Campaign: Level 1

Send 50,000 emails daily, using this campaign level This is a good level to test out your market and response. Only $19.95 per month.


 Ad Campaign: Level 4

Send 500,000 emails daily! This level is a popular request because of the mass exposure. If you own a website and need to blast your web link, then this is the level for you. Only $49.95 per month.

 Ad Campaign: Level 2

100,000 emails daily, using this campaign level. This level pushes your ad to a broader audience than level one. Only $29.95 per month.

 Ad Campaign: Level 5

Market your message to over 2,000,000+ emails dailys and general audience. This is done once a day to keep your ad and/or website promotion fresh and current. The possibilities are endless with this level. Highly recommended! Only $79.95 a month.

 Ad Campaign: Level 3

200,000 emails daily plus an additional 50,000 emails sent with this level. That's 250,000 email users a day. Only $39.95 per month.

  Ad Campaign: Level 6

This level will send over 2 million emails per month plus and additional 34 MILLION classified ads every month to ensure fresh leads new leads. That's 2 million emails with a monthly ad to over 34.5 million classified ads and audiences. Only $129.95 a month.