Our Team

      Jared T. Alsberg

Strategies and marketing experience. Globalized leader in gathering leads for mass customer business exposure. You can be sure of the quality of emails and ad campaign that Jared brings to the table. "We are proud to have this guy in our team!"

Simon G.

CEO of SolutionsDirect.net

       Liz A. Tamaroff


Organization and business specialist. Highly skilled professional in accounting and financial business goals. Researched and documented existing business process for legacy MarketSoft Technologies.

      Mark E. Elizondo

Primary company financial management. Develop forecasting recommendations based on total financial picture and goals. Strategize with the CEO on cost saving and inventory measures. Manager of a four-member team and a $23.4 M operating budget. This "Wallstreet Junkie" will help us take it to the next level.